We Always Say, Don’t Just Believe, Check and Research For Yourself… Well?


It is astounding how we in the Truth Community insist on people doing their own research, yet when someone famous says something that fits within our own narrative (yes, Truthers have their narrative too, it is not just a Gov/Mainstream Media phenomenon), we will repeat and spread the word that so-and-so said so.  Have we gotten so entrenched in our demographic, we have forgotten how to do our own research?

The most disastrous example of this is the recent Kurt Haskell – Rebeka Roth debacle. Kurt Haskell is the whistleblower of the flight Flight 253 Underwear Bomber. Haskell has posted on his facebook page the supposed information about Rebekah Roth, “Sara Once More” He supposedly outs her as one named Sara Folger of Texas and lists her address and all. The problem is Roth is not Sara, there is no way in hell they can be the same.

Whomever this Sara woman is that Haskell misidentified is in danger of AlexJones Wannabes who will go to her house and start harassing her. Haskell has acted irresponsibly and as an officer of the court, should be rebuked harshly for this rash behavior.

My gut instinct went off when Haskell posted that he got permission from Mike Adams to go ahead with the article. Why?  Why does someone need permission? Why does the TRUTH need permission? (I will not go into that racket and associations there).

I actually became alarmed when I saw that no research or proof of research was done, no links to prove this so-called connection, but the truther community came together and parroted what Haskell had to say. He did not in any way prove he had even spoken with her. And pray tell, who in the truther community goes on the net with their actual IP? This behavior is dangerous. There are crazies in every section of society and yes, the Truth Community has their share. By parroting glaringly wrong information we created the danger for some woman in Texas who has nothing to do with 9-11, Truthers, or any Conspiracy Theories. She is just living her life and will get utter hell from trolls and shills thinking it is Rebekah Roth.

As purveyors of TRUTH we have a RESPONSIBILITY to do at least a cursory amount of research before posting it, or repeating it.

For the past three days I have been poring over websites documenting obits marriages addresses voting info, all kinds of stuff in this search for the origins of Rebeka Roth. Imagine my dismay when my article outing the real woman behind the Rebekah Roth persona, to be ROUNDLY IGNORED by my colleagues on Twitter, TFR. One guy snagged my tweet and used the image on his blog, and despite my initial anger at feeling like I was stolen, I was glad he was getting the truth out there.

The researcher who initially contacted me with information showed me how they found the information. Being a researcher myself, I repeated the steps, and found the same info they found. Then I did my own method of searching and found the same results. Merri Christine Kristy KoreAnn McQuade Ashlie Nourani Harris. This woman has more names than these. She has more frigging names than I have underwear! There is no Sara whatsoever. The key to finding this was in the search for her side kick, but you can read all about that in


For two days I was sickened with the possible outcomes of misnaming the con artists. Apparently there were others concerned too. One sent Roth a message with her birth name. It was after this message was sent that Roth came out with her Truth Out video. At least Roth has the presence of mind to know that innocents were in danger.  In it she shows her real name (as of now) and certifications of her work in the airline industry.

I don’t know what the motivation was for Haskell to continue with this Sara story, I don’t care. I don’t know him. I don’t trust many people. If I wouldn’t let one babysit children, why trust them with information. Why do we accept information into our minds, when we would not trust the sources alone in our houses?

I do however, take exception to those who I normally have a measure of respect, who repeated and applauded Haskell’s work, without even checking for themselves when they preach to all to do that very thing.  My ‘Scammers’ article was retweeted once. Once! That article was totally ignored.

I am glad Roth came out with that video. Not because it proves my case, but because the truth is coming out. There will probably be more coming out in the days to come. But that is beyond my interest point. I have been physically ill from this misinformation being promoted because Haskell is a Truther Celebrity. Again Haskell has not proven his work, I have proven mine. I know that I am just some unknown nobody, but the TRUTH is what is supposed to prevail, not personalities!



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