Screeching Mainstream Media About Expansionism

The allegations by the United States and the United Kingdom made stating Russia and China have cracked the encryption of the Snowden files is completely false. It cannot be done with even the best machines until long after our sun burns out. The only way to access the information Snowden took, is by having the key. Russia and China do not have the key.  Many government officials on both sides of the Atlantic have quoted and referred to unnamed sources in their allegations, thus absolving themselves any burden of proof. So, why are these ministers, generals, and officials braying and parroting each other?  Why are the MSM outlets echoing the obvious fodder?  To justify war on Russia, of course.

For those who really have no time to search out these answers, here are some questions:

Why do we know that news reports and the UK and US officials are lying through their teeth when they say ‘agents had to leave their stations because the Chinese and Russia ‘broke’ the code’?  Snowden didn’t have access to MI6 (British Intelligence), so the assertion that their agents had to come in, does not hold water.

No government (or anyone else) has the capability of cracking the encryption used by Snowden. It would take over 10 Trillion years to do that.  The governments cannot prove it with data, so they resort to information war tactics of repeating the lie so often that the public believes it. By stating this, they have, in the mass media, tacitly accused Snowden of giving the keys and password/passphrase to Russia and China.

Our U.S. Government is butthurt because Snowden did indeed expose the criminal enterprise committed by U.S. agencies in the collection and strong-arming (non-terrorist) American private companies to divulge (non-terrorist) American clients’ and (non-terrorist) American customers’ information.  The government, in effect, used the force of illegal statutes to compel private corporations to break privacy laws and violate contracts with (non-terrorist) American customers, using PRISM.

Great Britain’s screeching in their media headlines is merely a case of wailing for the sake of a friend. It is pure sensationalism. Great Britain claims they had to pull their people from other countries because Russia and China obtained the files, and that Snowden is responsible. Not true, Snowden didn’t take the files with him to Russia.  He gave the files (remember they cannot possibly be cracked in our lifetimes) to individuals before he went to Russia.

Again what does this have to do with China and Russia?

CG5yA8WUgAAHldB (1)

The ever growing nato

Nothing except the Expansion of NATO (Empire Building).

The accusations the west have made, would have one hiding under a blanket because one is afraid that Russia and China are invading the rest of the world when nothing could be farther than the truth..


.. as you can see, it is NATO that is expanding. Russia and China are not and have not even tried. Below you can see the graph detailing U.S. expansionism.


‘To the victor go the spoils.’ And spoils indeed.  There are so many resources that the U.S. salivates over, in these countries.  The presence of bases in these countries has nothing to do with American security, they have have everything to do with the interests of corporations raping the countries of their assets. And it has nothing to do with installing or protecting democracy or defending  human rights, were that true, America would have invaded and colonized Palestine/Israel.  Russia sought to protect Russian people in Ukraine and Russia gets accused of Expansionism.

Senior CIA official says everything must be done to draw Russia into war with Ukraine

To sum, this cackling about Snowden releasing information is to distract the people from seeing the truth of warmongering practiced by the west’s leadership.

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